A little more about me

What’s Quioz Fabric ?

Quioz Headband it’s me Laurence or « Lolo » as you want.

I have created the Quioz brand on 2012. Since 2004 I sewed a lot. I have already start to open two brands (accessories and clothes). In 2010 I became a mom and it was for me a new start. Since 2010 I have chosen to affirm myself by creating headbands.

I am a simple person who loves colors, to look at the nature, be surprise by the human creativity. I love mixt, compose and fabric!

It is a real pleasure for me: collecting fabrics, filling haberdashery boxes, ribbons of all kinds, lace…the lace it is a real discovery and I have got a furniture item full of them!

People says that my creations are my reflect, that they can know me thanks to my creations. So I let you discover my universe and I hope you will have starts in your eyes and a big smile!

Headband inspiration

It’s true, my curly hair is a source of inspiration since I like to comb my hair, dress my head. I’ve been used to the little touch in my hair for a long time. But few things ended up satisfying me in terms of original accessories.

So I imagined and designed it.

Quioz has slowly asserted itself as a brand of hair accessories, based mainly on fabric or leather headbands. I also continue to periodically add collections capsules of fashion accessories that go off the beaten track to give Quioz Fabric.

Even today, I am very inspired by going back in time, especially in the Roaring Twenties, and then the traditional costumes of the world fascinate me. What interests me is the affirmation of oneself, of one’s individuality. To be feminine is to get to know one another, to respect what one is, to highlight this particularity; because we are all unique and sublime!

I create by mixing materials, by giving volume, I need my composition to be provided, worked, otherwise it seems to me incomplete. So we will find a lot of fabrics, lace, metal, leather, cork, beads… and sequins! Yes, there is very often in my creations something that shines, I find it difficult to do without it.

Finally, I tend to accumulate what I like, and then, in my workshop, I look for what goes with what: the color combinations of materials are very intuitive.

I often attend explosive weddings, good surprises, anyway , it’s a party when I make it!

This way of working also ensures the uniqueness of my creations, and therefore of what you will have on your head.


Today Quioz fabric works with the Maison “le béret français” to offer a range of woolen berets 100% made in the French Basque Country.

Three partner stores distribute these creations: “Il était une folie” in Gironde, “Carole et moi” in Landes and “Saison” in Hossegor, where you can meet the designer.

The new visual identity has been worked with Magpie communication.

Quioz-fabric also has a very strong partnership with “Mademoiselle Violette”, an event company from Toulouse.